Product review: weber marinades original BBQ and garlic and herb

So today I would like to discuss my fondness for these little packets of deliciousness I found at meijer. I actually bought these weeks ago. I just never got around to using them. While I wouldn’t necessarily call these healthy marinades, they are super easy to use and super tasty. Normally I like to do things myself rather than buy premade marinades since they contain some less than desirable ingredients, ingredients you wouldn’t normally use if you were making the marinade on your own. However, I don’t always have the patience or the time to sit around making stuff all day. So when I saw these prepackaged marinades, I figured why not try them? They sound simple enough. All you do is add the required juice (apple juice for BBQ and lemon juice for the garlic and herb)v marinate the meat, then cook. Simple.

My fiancé and I both loved the BBQ marinade. Instead of using apple juice, I mixed my marinade with applesauce and an apple butter syrup then cooked in my crockpot for about 3 hours. I didnt even let the chicken marinate. i just coated my frozen chicken breasts with the marinade then threw them in the pot. Despite not marinating first, the chicken came out full of rich, BBQ flavor.

After cooking, I saw I had some extra marinade leftover in the bottom of my crock pot so I added some vegetable stock, shredded some of the chicken, added in some veggies and potatoes, and cooked for another couple of hours until I had a nice tangy BBQ chicken stew. I was able to get 2 meals with just the one packet of marinade!



For the lemon and herb Marinade, I mixed the marinade with some Lemon juice and yogurt, coated both sides of my frozen chicken, then topped with an Italian mix of shredded cheese and cooked in the crock pot for about 3 hours. After cooking, i cut a sliver in the middle of each chicken and stuffed it with some more italian cheese. Only one word needs to be used to describe this meal; YUM!


pros and cons
So the only con really to these marinades is that they contain some less than desirable ingredients.

Pros? These marinades are super easy to use, versatile, full of flavor, come in a variety of yummy sounding flavors, and if you Play your cards right, you can get more than one meal out of them.

S if you’re tired of the same old boring chicken all of the time, I would recommend trying out one of these marinades.


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