Thanksgiving preparations: part 2

Today is the big day! Thanksgiving!


As you may recall from my previous post, I, along with my fiance, are hosting Thanksgiving this year. I started some of the prep yesterday. Unfortunately, I did not get around to starting until after 4. Still, I was able to make both desserts, the homemade bread, and the sweet potatoes. Actually, funny story about the bread….not really.
If you have made homemade bread before, you know what type of works goes into making it. You have to prepare the dough which can be a chore in itself just getting the ingredients to mix together well enough to form a proper dough. Then you have to let the dough rise, usually about an hour. After that, you form your loaf or rolls or whatever you’re making, and typically let it rise again. My recipe called for letting it rise another hour until the rolls were double in size. Then you bake your bread and viola, homemade fresh bread.
Every other time I make bread, it comes out fine. I have no issues making it, the biggest issue is usually just whether or not I will like the taste/flavor/texture if it’s a new recipe. I have made this recipe before though and it came out perfectly. I even posted about them with a soup recipe I had made. Yesterday, however, my bread just did not want to cooperate.
So, first of all, just trying to get the dough to form was a hassle. We have a bread machine so I always use the bread machines dough cycle so I don’t have to worry about mixing the ingredients together. However, this recipe called for 4.5 – 5 cups of flour, which is a lot of flour for a bread machine to handle. I wasn’t thinking and added all of the flour at once to the machine so the first time, I had to end up throwing the dough out because it was just a huge sticky mess and I couldn’t get it to do anything other than stick to everything it touched. The machine wasn’t able to incorporate all of the ingredients because there was just too much flour. So I had a big gooey, sticky mess on the bottom of the bread machine and a bunch of flour on top. So, as mentioned, I ended up having to throw that concoction out. So, I saw that I had enough whole wheat flour for one more attempt. This time, I tried adding just one cup of flour at a time hoping the dough would form better. Again, the dough came out super sticky but since I had no more wheat flour, I did everything in my power to get this attempt to work. I ended up adding in some white flour just to get the dough under control. I was able to transfer the dough to a large oiled bowl so I could cover it and let it rise.

Fast forward one hour. I ended up with a perfectly risen loaf of dough. I was able to form the dough into 24 rolls. The first time I made this recipe, I ate half and froze the other half because I knew I would never eat that many rolls in the time I needed to. I covered the rolls and let them rise for another hour and then threw them in the oven to bake. After about 5-10 minutes of baking, I smelled burning. I checked on the rolls and saw that the tops were burning. I freaked out and yanked them out of the oven. I looked at hte oven wondering why they were burning after so little time and saw that I had the oven still set to ‘broil‘ as opposed to ‘bake’. A previous recipe I had been making had called for the oven to be set to ‘broil’ and I had forgotten to change it back to ‘bake’. My mom and I attempted to salvage my bread. We cut off the tops and let them bake for the rest of the time they needed to bake. But since the tops were cut off, the rolls ended up with this really crusty top and because they had been baking at broil for awhile, they just ended up with a really weird texture and flavor. In the end, I ended up feeding them to the birds.
However, remember how I mentioned earlier how I froze half of my rolls the first time I made them? Well, lucky me, I still had 5 left over from that batch. So all is not lost. There are only four of us in my family so there will be enough rolls to go around.

After yetserday though, I’m determined to make sure today’s preparations (turkey, deviled eggs, and mashed potatoes) go without a hitch. I will be sure to double check everything. But really, what’s a thanksgiving without at least one mishap? At least I’ll have a story to tell about my first thanksgiving as host.
Did you have any recipe mishaps while preparing your thanksgiving feast?


2 thoughts on “Thanksgiving preparations: part 2

  1. Sounds pretty stressful! thank god for the back up rolls though
    I recently purchased a bread machine (5$ at goodwill yes!). I was wondering what kind of yeast you used? Last time I attempted to make bread it did not rise properly 😦 I need to ind your recipe again

    • It was very frustrating when I Realized the rolls were going to end up as bird food. But, like you said, thankfully I had those backup rolls.

      Awesome find at goodwill! I use active dry yeast. The thing with yeast is you want to make sure your water is warm, not hot otherwise you will kill the Yeast. Also, you need to add some sort of sugar with the water and yeast (milk, Honey, sugar, etc) so the yeast has something to feast on. Most recipes will automatically include these three Ingredients (water, yeast, and sugar source) as step number 1. You want to make sure you leave these 3 ingredients alone for about 5-10 minutes until the mixture gets nice and frothy. Then you can add the rest of your Ingredients. Also, make sure your dough is not only covered when rising but also put In a warm place. I typically turn the oven on and just put the dough on top of the oven.

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