Thanksgiving preparation: part 1

For those of you who celebrate thanksgiving, it is almost upon us! Tomorrow marks the big day. My fiancé and I are hosting thanksgiving for the first time this year for my parents. Every year we always talked about doing it but then school and work and life for in the way. But this year, I decided enough was enough and no matter what, Edward and I were going to just do it.

So last Friday Edward and I went out and did thanksgiving preparation shopping. I have had my menu planned out for weeks so I was we’ll aware of what I wanted to do early on. So on the menu:

– deviled eggs (i hate them but they are a holiday tradition and everybody else loves them so they are a must)
– turkey
– lemon glazed sweet potatoes
– garlic mashed potatoes (made by hand, none of the boxed stuff)
– homemade whole wheat dinner rolls
– seasoned broccoli and carrots
– berry and apple crumble
– cinnamon pumpkin custard

Today marks part 1 of thanksgiving preparations. Today I will be focusing on the homemade bread, desserts, and possibly the potatoes. Tomorrow, Edward has turkey duty and I will be finishing up whatever I don’t get to today.

Are you hosting thanksgiving or will you be a guest this year? What’s on the menu for tomorrow?


6 thoughts on “Thanksgiving preparation: part 1

  1. awesome! This is the first yr I am staying home with my boyfriend instead of helping my mom cook. It feels weird to not be doing anything, but it’s also nice to not have to stress because I’m running around everywhere have a lovely Thanksgiving! xx

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