Product review: Pb2 (powdered peanut butter): yay or nay

I first heard about pb2 quite awhile ago. I can’t say I’ve tried it as it doesn’t seem to be sold in stores and honestly I’m a bit up in the air about ordering it.

Growing up, I never liked peanut butter. As I got older, I discovered the awesomeness that is peanut butter cups but that was as far as I went with pb. More recently I have experimented more with adding pb to various baked goods or smoothies but I can’t say peanut butter is a main staple in our household.

Edward used to buy pb on a regular basis to make pb and jelly sandwiches for work but he ended up realizing that the bread and pb were just making him gain weight. I’m sure most of us are aware that pb isn’t really the healthiest food out there. It does have some good qualities to it (protein and good fats) but it is also high in calories and fat content. Essentially, when it comes to calories, calories from fat are the same no matter what the fat source. You’re still getting 9 calories per gram regardless of whether the fat is saturated or unsaturated. But I digress.

Due to the high calorie and high fat content of regular pb, pb2 was created to offer a lower calorie, lower in fat option for those who still want pb. Pb2 is essentially a powdered pb that can be added to smoothies or oatmeal or you can simply add water to the powder and make your own pb.

I have heard mixed reviews on this. Honestly, if I want pb I just make my own. A handful of peanuts, a bit of oil and water and I’ve got my own pb. I don’t feel like it’s worth it for me to buy a jar of pb (or pb2 even for that matter) because pb is not something I need to have in my life.

Still, I’m curious what your thoughts or opinions might be on this. Have you heard of pb2 or tried it? How do you feel about a powdered pb? Please share your thoughts ands/or experiences šŸ™‚


8 thoughts on “Product review: Pb2 (powdered peanut butter): yay or nay

  1. I heard of it but never tried it… I like peanut butter, but I LOVE almond, hazelnut and sunflower butter! So I’d rather have those yum
    I do however have some PB most of the time since it’s cheaper and you never know when you might need some (like last night to make a Thai sauce)

  2. I love natural pb with no added stuff in it. We can get it at our local grocery freshly ground or whichever. Since my bf is a type 1 diabetic, we can’t have the typical high sugar PB. Powdered PB just sounds gross though. I’m sort of grossed out by anything in powder form. yuck. lol x

    • Lol I love how you’re so honest. I mean powdered pb does have some appeal to me (lower in calories and fat) but if I want pb, I think I’ll just make it myself or buy a regular jar. I don’t eat it enough to justify buying powdered pb.

      • haha I can’t help it. I’m just blunt like that I guess. Plus, I hate lying. Maybe it’s because I was deathly afraid of Pinocchio as a child. Trauma! haha jk. No but seriously, I love PB and nobody is stopping me from enjoying it. I also love almond butter and apple butters, but I grew up eating PB & J for lunch like nearly every day from like 6-9 yrs old. My mom says I was obsessed haha. But I do like the natural varieties now that aren’t tainted by added preservatives n things. powder anything does freak me out though. It makes everything seem like it’s not real food. gross. lol x

      • Lol good point about it not seeming like real food. I really think people need to go back to their roots. Eat real food and more home cooked meals. I try to eat home cooked as much as possible. I mean I don’t make my own oats or flour or butter or anything like that but you know, I do the best I can. Instead of buying pizza, I make my own cheesy bread and instead of buying canned soup I make my own soup and instead of buying pre packaged snacks I make my own or snack on fruits or carrots (I’ve been big on carrots lately for some reason). It’s all about baby steps.

      • Yeah my mom was raised in the mts . where her parents grew their own food so I really have the whole food thing ingrained in my head. Plus, I just feel better when I eat well. When I eat poorly, I’m more moody, slow, groggy, annoyed and just feel crappy. I think everyone should use their own reference point, you know, with what their comfortable with ( Im a food snob lol ) because not everyone has the same view on it and that’s cool. Just do your best to be healthy and eat clean and I think its good enough. I agree it’s all about little things adding up to big results or whichever x

  3. I just saw pb2 at the store the yesterday and couldn’t believe that someone had come up with powdered peanut butter. Like.. is there no way to just make low-fat low-cal PB without making it a powder first? Ew.

    • Lol yeah I think I’ll just stick with regular pb if I’m ever craving pb. I doth crave it often which is probably a good thing calorie and fat wise. I’m curious though, which store did you see it at?

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