Fall favorites: HALLOWEEN!!!!


Hahha Halloween! You know how buddy the elf says smiling is his favorite? Well, Halloween is my favorite. I couldn’t take it anymore and decided to finally put out my Halloween decor. It’s been sitting in a box taunting me for weeks and I decided it was close enough to October to put out my decorations.

Some of my decorations are from kohls or Jo Ann fabric but a good portion are from the dollar store or handmade. I used to be an art major so I still like to draw and make my own crafts.

In previous years I would just mostly decorate the basement because that was where Edward and I spent most of our time. However, now we have more of the house at our disposal to play with so I decorated the rooms we spend the most time in; kitchen, foyer/entrance, bathroom, and family room.

So lets get to it.

Lets start with the bathroom:


Most of the owl decor is from Jo Ann fabrics (the small bunch of towers, owl soap dispenser, and the owl rug). The haunted house (which lights up!) is also from Jo Ann. The owl next to the haunted house and the decor on the toilet is actually all from the dollar store.

Onto the foyer:



The decor on the stairway was from the dollar store. Some of them I made myself (the boo! Signage).


Our little table in the foyer all decked out. Most of this decor is my moms so ill have to figure out what to replace it with once she decides to claim her stuff.

The next picture is of our living room which I actually just started using. I realized its a great place to just sit and read.


The little halloween lanterns are actually handmade as well. I printed out the templates for each lantern and made them by hand. If I remember the website I got the template from ill be sure to post it.

Onto the kitchen:


These little guys are hanging out (quite literally hah) between the foyer and kitchen. They’re handmade.


My beautiful cupcake cookie jar! Loooove this. It’s one of my favorite decorations to put out.


Our little buffet server all decked out. Most of this decor is from the ren fest. I thought it would be nice to just out it all together and it also has a nice fall/Halloween vibe to it. The candles are from various stores and the scarecrow and candy dish are from the dollar store.


My awesome Halloween themed Table cover. This is one of my other most favorite decorations to out out! The signage I believe I got from the dollar store. And the pumpkin/fall decor in the bowl is from Kroger.


This decor is between the kitchen and family room. These little guys are also handmade. I actually drew them all by hand and then colored them in. I’m very proud of them 🙂

Misc decor:


This is another handmade decoration. I named him mr. Bones. Very original, I know. He’s hanging out on the door to our garage.


Another door hanging from the dollar store. This is the door to our basement. I may move this decoration to our front door though once it gets closer to Halloween.


This is some decor I put out on the stairs leading to the basement. pictures are from the dollar store.

Do you like to decorate for the holidays? What’s your Favorite to decorate for?


Share your thoughts :)

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