Fall favorites: tea selections


One of my favorite things to do I’m the fall is curl up with a good book and a warm cup of tea and read the night away. Or curl up with Netflix and a warm cup of tea and watch brothers and sisters or ugly Betty or some other tv series I’ve already seen. It’s become a habit of mine to have tv series marathons of tv shows I’ve already seen. Although I have changed course and have started a gossip girl marathon, a show I have never really seen but since all of the episodes are available on Netflix, I figure why not see what it’s all about?

Anyway, I like tea in the fall. The picture above is of some of my all time favorite teas. As the seasons change, so does my flavor preference but we will just stick to fall favorites right now.

So on the left end we have the meijer brand of orange spice tea. It has hints of orange peel clove undertones and is just nice and soothing.

The very top is a tea I got from my favorite restaurant, a local Ethiopian restaurant. It is actually very sweet on its own which is great because it requires no “extras”. It’s just a lovely sweet and spicy tea that I absolutely adore.

Beneath that is the celestial seasonings Bengal spice tea. This is a tea with quite the spicy kick. Very tasty. If you enjoy ethnic foods like Indian and Thai then you will probably like this flavor.

Beneath that is the bigelow vanilla chai tea. This one is a great chai with a hint of vanilla. Very tasty and one of my favorites.

And to the far right is the bigelow spiced chai which is just as it sounds. A more spicy version of the vanilla chai tea, minus the vanilla.

Not pictured is another of my favorites, an apple cider flavored tea. I quickly went through the rest of that one and have not had a chance to pick up more but it’s a perfect replacement if you don’t have the real apple cider on hand. Great for a nice fall night.

Do you have a favorite fall tea or fall drink?


5 thoughts on “Fall favorites: tea selections

  1. I love curling up with a good book and a cup of tea! I’ve watched nearly the whole series of “the closer” in the last few months… I’d rather catch up like that than have to wait a whole week before the next episode

    • I know, right? I don’t know how people watch tv lol I like to just go through all of the episodes at once. That way I don’t forget what happened and can just follow the storyline better

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