Breaking down MyPlate

So I have to say I’m a bit torn on how I feel about MyPlate. I find it to be a great visual but the regular graphic (which typically only showcases the upper half of the graphic above) lacks in information. I like this extended version of the graphic because it provides a bit more info on what types of foods you should stick to for a healthy diet lifestyle. I hate the word diet. To me it refers to something that is short term. Healthy eating should be a long term commitment. It should be a lifestyle.

So I found some really great infographics that I wanted to share that give some great tips on how to break up the food groups throughout the day so you fit them all into your meals throughout the day, some great tips for kids and myplate, and some great recipes. Enjoy!

I found this the other night and I thought it was such a great visual. It can sometimes be overwhelming trying to figure out how to fit all those foods into your day. I think this graphic does a great job breaking them down and it’s very visual which I love.

This is another great graphic that basically helps you keep track of your daily intake and provides tips to help increase those intakes if you’re not getting enough.

This was made especially with kids in mind to help you help them get the recommended amounts of food groups and nutrients into their little tummies.

Wait, before you go….

Two more resources I want to direct you to before you leave. The first is from and it offers a bunch of links to some great recipes that utilize the food groups:


The second resource is a direct link to some great tasty recipes put together SNAP-ed connection. Not only do all of the recipes sound tasty and healthy but each recipe is broken down by myplate so you can see how much of each food group you are eating in relation to myplate which I think is very helpful:


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  1. heck yes! love these posts! Question – have you heard of anti angio genics?


    1. f00dventures says:

      Sounds familiar. I’m sure if I looked it up I would remember more. Any reason you’re asking?


      1. I just recently heard about it and wondered your thoughts on it.


      2. f00dventures says:

        i’ll be sure to do a post on it once i get a chance. today i have designated “homework” day since i have a bit of a full weekend. but once i get a chance i’ll look into it more for you 🙂


      3. no problem, no rush of course 🙂


  2. Reblogged this on Slimdown With Sandee and commented:
    Remember the grain heavy “Food Pyramid”? Even the USDA is no longer embracing this pattern for healthy eating. A balanced diet is so important for over all health. Weight loss is easier when the body is energized by enough exercise and proper nutrition. More fruits and veggies in their with little added usually mean fewer calories and more vitamines and minerals. Protien is important for building strong muscles and we have previously discussed that low fat dairy helps the body build strong bones and promotes fat loss.


  3. apple girl says:

    For the Your Daily Myplate, and the Myplate, Your Plate worksheet, did you get those directly on the myplate website? Could you share the link?


    1. f00dventures says:

      Ummm you know I don’t remember off hand. This is an older post so I don’t actually recall offhand. I’ll see if I can find them again though.


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