Stickers stickers everywhere…

So I am sure you all have noticed those stickers on produce. You know those annoying ones that we all pretty much ignore until it comes time to eat the produce. Then we struggle with trying to get the sticker off. Well, I’m here to tell you NOT to ignore those stickers. They actually provide some very valuable information. It will let you know if your produce was grown conventionally, organically, or if it was genetically modified. Check out the graphic below:

Produce is a great way to get not only a wide range of nutrients but also antioxidants. I have done a few posts now on the importance of antioxidants but whenever I come cross new information a new way to get information across, I feel an obligation to share. So check out the infographic below which I think is a great visual aid:

After picking up your produce and getting your daily intake of antioxidants, be sure to do a fun workout. The one below is one of my favorites because I can easily do it while watching my favorite tv show or a movie and the best part, it requires no extra equipment and no gym:

So my next challenge to all of you:

1). next you’re at the grocery store, take the time to read the stickers on your produce so you can make an informed choice

2) amp up your antioxidants with some of the great foods from the visual above

3) try the workout above and let me know how you liked it


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