How to raise a healthy eater: Part 10

When I was completing my undergrad, I was part of a student run organization at my school that sought to educate others on nutrition. I remember during one of our little health fairs some of the girls chose to do posters showing the amount of sugar that various popular drinks contain. It was quite enlightening to see the amounts of sugar in these products. The picture below is similar to what the girls did:

If you can, try to avoid these types of sugary drinks. You may as well be giving your child a candy bar. If you teach your child early on what types of drinks are healthy for them, then they won’t even be aware of the other drinks out there. If they aren’t aware of the drinks, then they won’t be prone to grab them as they age.

Offer water and milk more often…

  • both of these have fewer caloriesand are better for your kids’ health.
    • Water
      • choose tap water over bottled water – it’s safe and it’s free.
      • add flavor to water by mixing in fresh fruits and herbs. get creative!
    • milk
      • choose the right type of milk for your child’s age (this is discussed in a previous post of the “healthy eater” series
      • limit the amount of flavored milk you offer – it’s full of sugar and calories. I have noticed this myself when picking out almond/soy milk. Upon comparison of the original versus the flavored (i.e. vanilla or chocolate), the latter has much more grams of sugar as opposed to the original which typically has only a few grams of sugar

offer 100% juice sometimes…

  • juice can provide important nutrients but is also high in sugar and calories
    • 100% fruit juice
      • check the label to be sure it is 100% juice (also read ingredients labels carefully)
      • cut the sugar in half by mixing with sparkling water to make “fruit sodas”
      • offer whole fruits instead of juice when you can
      • or to get even more nutrients, make 100% fruit juice Popsicles and add fresh fruit

Limit or avoid offering sugary drinks

sugary drinks are packed with calories and will not give your kids the nutrients they need.

Instead of soft drinks….try combining 100% fruit juice and seltzer water to make healthy “sodas” with less sugar and fewer calories

Instead of fruit flavored drinks…try choosing 100% fruit juice, or flavor tap water with fresh fruit slices or mint leaves

Instead of sports or energy drinks…try replacing the fluids kids lose being active with water

*Be sure to check out my other posts in this series which can be found under the ‘tips for raising healthy kids’ tab


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