How to raise a healthy eater: Part 9

This post is going to touch on exercise! In order for kids to lead a healthy lifestyle (adults too) they need to not only eat right but also exercise. I remember when I was a kid I used to spend all of my time outside with my friends playing four square, basketball, capture the flag, rollerblading, riding bikes, etc. I think one of my favorite activities though was wall climbing.

Exercise is beneficial for kids because it….

  • helps build strong bones and muscles
  • improves sleeping patterns
  • helps prevent weight gain and diseases later in life
  • allows kids to let out their natural energy and have fun!

Choose activities that everyone can do:

  • take a family walk after dinner, even if it is just around the block with young kids
  • play active games together, such as tag, duck duck goose, hide and seek, and ring around the rosy or if you have other kids to include in the game, play some of my favorites like four square, capture the flag, or kick the can
  • make learning time more active:
    • play follow the leader while calling out parts of the body
    • teach children active learning songs like “head, shoulders, knees and toes”
    • act out simple lessons and have your child imitate you: show how the sun rises, a rabbit hops, or a train chugs down the track
  • build a snowman together in the winter or go ice skating
  • turn some music on and have a family dance contest
  • blow bubbles and run around trying to pop them
  • try and exercise tv show or DVD, and have your kids join you
  • if you own a game system, rent a game like Just Dance that gets kids up and dancing and moving

*Be sure to check out the previous posts in my healthy eater series which are located under the ‘tips for raising healthy kids’ tab


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