How to raise a healthy eater: Part 6

Welcome back for the 6th installment of the healthy eater series. this post will be discussing food allergies.

What is a food allergy?

A reaction that happens when the body’s immune system mistakes a food for something harmful.

Which foods cause food allergies?

Any food can cause a reaction but the 8 most common ones are:

Children typically outgrow their allergies to milk, eggs, soy, and wheat. Allergies to peanuts, tree nuts, and fish usually last. Shellfish allergies often develop later in childhood or adulthood.

What are the common symptoms of a food allergic reaction?

Symptoms will typically appear within minutes of eating the food, and rarely more than two hours later. Most symptoms are just uncomfortable, but some people can have severe-life threatening reactions.

How can I know if my child has a food allergy?

When it’s time for your child to have solid foods, offer one new food at a time to see how he or she reacts. Wait three to five days before offering another new food.

IF you think your child may have a food allergy, it is extremely important for you to work with your pediatrician to find out which food(s) causes the allergic reaction.

* Be sure to check out the rest of the healthy eater posts which can be found under the ‘tips for raising healthy kids’ tab.


4 thoughts on “How to raise a healthy eater: Part 6

  1. I used to have a really bad allergic reaction to eggs and chicken when I was around 5 or so. Luckily, I seemed to have outgrown this once I started high school. And thank goodness I did, since now I love chicken and eggs so much! LOL. My little one eats more or less what I eat, apart from prawns or peanuts. I think for his age now, he’s a little bit too young for me to start exploring this foods.

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