It’s a mexican standoff: Mexican Fiesta (rice) Salad

So this is my take on a mexican salad. I didn’t really have any of the ingredients that would normally go into a salad so I just perused my refrigerator and cabinet and threw this together. I really wanted a Mexican style dish and wasn’t going to let a lack of ingredients keep me from making what I wanted.

So I’m going to start off with the ingredients:


– 1 package Fiesta Sides Mexican Rice

– 1/2 package of a 5 oz bag of spring mix (I actually used spring mix from the farmer’s market so I can’t really recommend a specific brand here, just use your favorite if you have one)

– 1/2 package 1 lb bag of shredded cheese (don’t judge me, I really like cheese)

– two Jennie-O turkey burgers (you could also use regular beef if you have it. All we had were turkey burgers which are actually quite tasty)


1) start by preparing your rice (follow the directions on the back of the package). While the rice is going, you can get out your food processor and process the crap out of your spring mix.Keep your food processor handy, you’re going to need it again later.

2) once your spring mix and rice are prepared, it’s time to prepare your turkey burgers. Again, follow the directions on the back of the package. I chose to just make these in a skillet. Once the turkey burgers are done, throw them into the food processor until the are nice and ground up.

3) now the fun part, mixing everything together. Combine your spring mix, turkey burgers, cheese, and rice in a container and serve 🙂


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