How to raise a healthy eater: Part 5

Continuing my ‘healthy eater’ series, this post is going to be about the importance of adding fiber to your child‘s diet.

Just like adults need fiber in their diets, kids need it to. It can:

– help keep your child regular

– remove toxins from the body

– keep your child feeling fuller longer.

To make sure your child is getting enough fiber in their diets, be sure to offer fiber-rich foods whenever you can:

– serve whole fruit and vegetables with the skin on

– serve beans and legumes several times a week

– add frozen berries to breakfast cereal or low fat yogurt

– teach older kids hot to spot high fiber foods by reading food labels

How much fiber does your child need (over the age of 2)?

It’s super easy to figure out how much is enough. Just take your child’s age and add 5 to it. The outcome is the mount of fiber your child needs each day. Example: a 3 year old child would need 8 grams of fiber daily (3+5 = 8).

High fiber recipe ideas:

Berry fruit Popsicle

make your kids or have your kids help you make fruit popsicles. Simply choose a 100% fruit juice and add any fruits you want. Make it fun and combine fruits and flavors. For example, for the upcoming 4th of july holiday, you could make a red, white, and blue themed popsicle. Start with a red juice (again, make sure it is 100% fruit juice) and add your fruit. pop it in the freezer and let it freeze for a few hours. Now add your white layer. You could add water mixed with fruit or you could use yogurt. Again, pop it back into the freezer until frozen. Now add your blue layer. You could use water mixed with blueberries or blackberries or use a 100% blueberry juice. Pop in the freezer one more time and the next time you pull it out, you’ll have your very own independence day themed popsicle to enjoy 🙂

Berry Crumble and Oat Bars

these are fun (and yummy) for the whole family. You can use any fruit you want with these bars. I have made them with apple and pear and i have also made them with a mix of berries. both ways were fabulous. This recipe is great for getting not only fruits into your kids tummies but grains as well.

Garden Veggie Bake

this recipe was quite popular with one of my follower’s son. So I can honestly say that this recipe passed the kid test. This is a great simple recipe to get a bunch of veggies in one meal. It’s also great if you have leftover veggies to use up and don’t know what else to do with them :p

Egg Scrambler

this is a great recipe to get some fiber into those rumbling tummies before the day even starts. Eggs are a great source of protein and when mixed with veggies and meat, they make an all around filling meal.


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