How to raise a healthy eater: Part 3

As you can see from the title, this is part 3 to the “raising a healthy eater” series. This section is going to focus more on introducing kids to fruits and veggies in ways that are fun.

Let kids play with their food!

– ask kids to describe the shapes of fruits and veggies

– make faces on bread or bagel halves. spread cream cheese or peanut butter, and use fruits and veggies to make eyes, eyebrows, nose, cheeks, and a smile

– let them hold, touch, smell, or just look at foods to get familiar with them – even if they don’t eat them

Talk about all the colors

help kids learn their colors by telling you which ones are on their plate

– make a wall chart and let kids put a sticker by each color they eat that day

– connect colors to things kids know – for example, relate red tomatoes to a favorite red toy or to Spiderman’s red cape

Add new flavors

– add a small amount of canola oil, a dab of syrup, and some salt and pepper to sweeten cooked vegetables

– serve raw or lightly steamed veggies with a healthy dip recipe such as Hummus. I have found a great pizza style hummus that even I like (and I don’t even like hummus). The recipe can be found here ->;;; Pizza!Pizza! Hummus

Try different preparation methods

– kids usually don’t like the mushy look or taste of overcooked veggies. Lightly steam or saute veggies until just tender.The garden veggie bake recipe I posted a few days ago is a great recipe that incorporates fresh produce and has even been kid approved from a fellow follower (thank you to AJ’smom for making this for your son!) That recipe can be found here ->;;; Garden Veggie Bake

– Use fruits in a fruit salad or yogurt parfait and try mashing, steaming, baking, or broiling veggies.

Make a game out of trying new things

– have kids taste-test veggies seasoned with different flavors and vote on their favorite

– make up silly songs about a new fruit or vegetable, and have kids sing them as you show them the new food


8 thoughts on “How to raise a healthy eater: Part 3

  1. Nice post. Although I find sometimes kids are just soooo picky. Especially my daughter. 😉 I hope it changes as she gets older.

    • oh you are preaching to the choir here. I was the pickiest kid. if it wasn’t chicken nuggets or ice cream, i most likely wasn’t going to eat it. i don’t really remember fruits or veggies making very frequent appearances on my dinner plate. well, i lied. they did…i just didn’t eat them. god knows my mom tried her hardest to get me to eat healthier but it wasn’t until i got into dietetics that i started mending my ways. it wasn’t until a few years ago that i really started realizing that what i put into my body matters. it did take some time for me to change my eating habits but i am living proof that even the pickiest kid can become a healthy one. it just takes time. be patient 🙂

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