Using leftover to save money & avoid waste

I did a post on something like this awhile back (that post can be found here ->;; Eating Health on a Budget). But I came across some great tips for ways to use various leftover foods and thought I would share.

So first of all, if you do have leftovers

– plan to use them as part of other meals within a day or two

– freeze them to use them much later

– buy ingredients that can be used in many snacks and meals

Below is a list of ways to use various foods in leftover meals or snacks. Some of these may be common sense but sometimes it is nice to reminded of other ways to use foods that you may have forgotten about.

Breads: make bread pudding, french toast, stuffing, or croutons

Rice: make rice pudding. Or add to soups and casseroles.


– combine for a fruit salad

– use in muffins, quick breads, and pancakes

– bake into cobblers, crisps, or squares

– slice on top of hot or cold cereal

– freeze to use in smoothies


– toss with cold pasta and light dressing for pasta salad

– use in soup or stews

– combine for a mixed vegetable salad

Milk: use in baked goods such as muffins or quick breads


– Use plain yogurt in place of sour cream in recipes

– use to make veggie or fruit dip


– use as a topping for vegetables

– use in quiche or top with pasta

– keep frozen until needed


– slice for sandwiches

– use in meat sauces, stuffed peppers, chili, or soups

– use to make a chef salad

– use in stir fry with leftover veggies


– make sandwiches with sliced chicken. Or, use for chicken salad sandwiches

– use in a soup, casserole, or stir-fry

– use the bones to make a stock

– shred and use to top a veggie salad


– make egg salad sandwiches

– add to salads

– make a frittata


– reheat, mash, and spread on tortillas with other toppings

– toss in salads

– use in chili, soups, casseroles, and stews

– make bean dip to eat with crackers or veggies

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