I speak nutrition part 2

I did a post about speaking nutrition awhile back, that post can be found here -> I speak two languages, English and nutrition

So this is a bit of a continuation of that post. There are lots of different references out there regarding nutrient intakes so here is the breakdown.

DRI = Dietary Reference Intake

– These are the current dietary standards that are used in the U.S and Canada. In order to get these values, a committee called the DRI committee examines and interprets scientific evidence to get the recommendations that are currently being used. The DRI includes RDA, EAR, AI, and UL.

RDA = Recommended Dietary Allowance

– These were dietary standards developed in the 1940s and updated every 5 years up until 1989. There were designed to meet the needs of almost all healthy individuals (so they exclude smokers, the elderly, and people with various illnesses).

EAR = Estimated Average Requirements

– These are estimated nutrient intakes that would meet the needs of 50% of individuals in a given age or gender group.

AI = Adequate Intake

– This is given to a nutrient when there is not enough scientific evidence to give the nutrient an EAR. So a nutrient will have an AI or an EAR but not both.

UL = Tolerable Upper Intake Levels

– This is the maximum amount of a nutrient a person can take without experiencing adverse side effects. However, many nutrients do not have a UL and for those that do, you can only reach it if you consume supplements.

Last but not least, there is something called the Daily Value (DV) that is a set of nutrient standards that were devised in 1993 by the FDA. Their sole purpose is to provide reference values on food labels so consumers know how much of a particular nutrient they are getting in a particular food. However, you have to keep in mind that the DV was devised for people consuming a 2000 calorie diet so if your calorie consumption is less than or more than that, you can’t go by the DVs and have to calculate the percentages out yourself.


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