Product Review: Healthy to go – Go Greens veggies and fruit powder

This is basically a powder, in individual packets, composed of “over 15 organic fruits and vegetables”. It is low calorie, low in sodium, natural, and high in antioxidants. The idea behind this product is that if you don’t have the time sit down and eat the amounts of servings and veggies needed daily, then instead, you can drink them. You just add half a packet (each packet consists of 2 servings) to a bottle of water and drink twice a day (preferably once in the morning and once at night).

Each packet contains an ORAC value (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) of 4000. For those unfamiliar with ORAC, this is basically just a way of measuring antioxidant capacity (I have a post below, in the related links at the end of this post, that further discusses the importance of antioxidants). In comparison, a serving of broccoli has an ORAC value of 700. So antioxidant wise, these packets sure pack a punch.

Flavor wise, in my opinion, there could be some definite improvement. Now I am no stranger to these powdered fruits and veggies. Edward has brought home quite a few of these (GNC has its own similar product and I believe there was one other brand I have tried before). Now I can say that this brand does taste better than the others I have tried. This brand attempted to make their product taste good by adding an apple melon flavor. I will say that when you smell it, it smells fantastic. Nice and sweet and fruity. Drinking it, however, is a whole other matter. It tastes like apple melon flavored…ash? That’s how my fiance described it. It kind of reminds us of cigarette ash but surprisingly, it is much easier to get down than the other brands I have tried. So I will give this brand kudos for making a flavor that I can actually get down rather than gag every 2 seconds. Just make sure you have a snack nearby so you can get the flavor out of your mouth afterward 🙂

As for how I feel about this concept, I’m a bit torn. I understand the need for a product like this. Many people now have busy lifestyles and just don’t have the time to always eat the way they should. They can’t sit around at home, like me, and puree fruits and veggies and experiment with recipes all day. So for those who don’t have the time, this could potentially be a great product for them. My concern is that

1) people will think they are getting their does of “healthy” for the day and that means they can eat like crap the rest of the day

2) although these fruit/veggie powder packets contain a large amount of nutrients, they are low in fiber. One packet (remember 1 packet = 2 servings) only has about 2.5 grams of fiber. That’s no where close to the amount of fiber you need in a day (I have a post that further explains the benefits of fiber here ->; carbs and fiber). So you are definitely not going to feel full after drinking one of these…well, I lied. You will feel a fullness but it will be in your bladder.

So while I think there is a need for a product like this, as listed above, I still have concerns. Eating the fruit and veggie in its natural form is the best way to go. If you can, try to prepare meals ahead of time so you don’t have to rely on products like these. And if you do have to rely on products like these, don’t forget to add in extra fiber to your diet for that day. This product is marketed as a supplement and you should treat it as such. It is meant to supplement your diet, not be your diet.

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  1. I have tried these. I prefer real food though this whole drink idea grossed me out! lol


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