Product review: sparkling ice flavored water

Ok so I know in a previous post I mentioned that water is the best thing you can drink and to stay away from vitamin waters and flavored waters and sugary drinks like pop, etc etc. but in my defense, I love this sparkling water lol.


Now I do have to say it is not completely natural. While it does contain juice concentrate, b vitamins, and antioxidant vitamin d, it also contains ingredients like red #40 dye. So it does have its downsides. plus, the amounts of the nutrients are very small (only 4% of the daily value in the whole bottle). So I am not drinking this for its nutrients. I am drinking it because I enjoy the taste and it’s just a nice refreshing treat.

I used to drink this every time I volunteered at the farmers market last year. It is a very refreshing drink plus it is carbonated so it has a nice little fizz which just makes it fun to drink. I also love the variety of flavors. I’m currently sipping on a pink grapefruit flavored one (which is pictured above on the left) but they also have flavors like kiwi strawberry, orange mango, coconut pineapple (which I am dying to try, I love exotic flavors like that), lemon lime, lemonade (which is the other one in the picture), and I believe there are a few more flavors I’m forgetting about.

the pink grapefruit I was a bit apprehensive to try at first because I’m not a fan of the fruit. but the sparkling ice drink is nowhere near as bitter as the fruit. it’s nice and sweet and while it does have a bit of that bitter grapefruit taste, it’s not overwhelming. it’s definitely one of my more favorite flavors. I have not yet tried the lemonade flavor but once I do, I will update the post with my opinions.

So overall, while I still stick by my claims that water is the best thing you can drink, this is a nice refreshing drink for those hot summer days. This isn’t something I would drink on a regular basis though.

* note, these products were purchased by me (well, okay my mom).


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