Trimming the fat

It is still possible to eat the foods you love without the calories and large amounts of fat. I’m pretty sure we’ve all heard the saying “everything in moderation”. That is one way to still enjoy the foods you love. But what I’m talking about is More so about making substitutions in your baking/cooking.

If the recipe calls for:
Melted butter (1 tbsp) – try using 3/4 tbsp canola oil instead
Cheese (1 cup) – try using tbsp lemon juice or vinegar, plus enough low fat or fat free milk to make 1 cup
Heavy cream (1 cup) – try using 1 cup evaporated skim milk or 1/2 cup low fat yogurt and 1/2 cup puréed low fat unstated cottage cheese
Mayo (1 cup) – try using 1 cup low fat or non fat sour cream or 1 cup plain low fat or non fat yogurt or 1 cup low fat mayo
oils or shortening– try using applesauce or prune purée for 1/2 of the called for Amount of oil in baking
sour cream– try using low fat or fat free plain yogurt or fat free sour cream

To cut calories you can also try low fat and fat free forms of foods you like.
If you usually buy:
ice cream – try sorbet, sherbet, or frozen yogurt
sour cream– try plain low fat yogurt
half and half– try low fat or fat free milk or nonfat dry milk powder

bacon – try canadian bacon or lean ham or turkey bacon
beef chuck, rib, or brisket – beef round or loin, or trim visible fat
sausage– try turkey or soy sausage
cold cuts or lunch meats (bologna, salami, liverwurst, etc)– try low fat cold cuts (turkey, chicken, etc)
breaded or fried fish– try fish or shellfish, baked or broiled without breading
pork spareribs or untrimmed loin– try pork tenderloin or trim visible fat
regular hot dogs– try low fat hot dogs or turkey dogs or veggie dogs
regular ground beef– try ground round or ground turkey breast. There are also “alternative” ways to make burgers using oats or quinoa. I plan to try them out in the near future.
tuna packed in oil– try tuna packed in water

cookies– try making your own cookies with whole grains
croissants– try hard French rolls
donuts, sweet rolls, muffins, scones, or pasties – try English muffins, bagels, reduced fat or make your own healthy bakery items. I highly recommend investing in a bread machine and making your own breads that way you know exactly what ingredients are being used
party crackers– try low fat saltine or soda crackers
pound, chocolate, or yellow cake– try angel food or gingerbread cake or make your own healthier chocolate cake. If you follow me, you saw that for my birthday breakfast, I made my own chocolate “healthy” cake using whole grains and fruits. Great way to get multiple food groups in one meal.


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